Smooth and efficient management of your documents.

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Makes the business simpler and quicker by Efficiently managing the time taken to draft and manage your documents. Automatically create and manage documents like vendor bills, invoices, and much more.

A complete and successful document management system. The independent tool can efficiently manage your documents, by providing all the features like share, transfer, filter, and so on.


Get the benefits of approval, control, and validation of business processes.  

You can easily share, upload, transfer, give priority and access rights, and so on to the documents. 

 Documents are integrated with OCR aiding in reading and formatting the documents.

Key Features


Supports a wide range of documents like Word, PDF, URL, Videos, Pictures..


Create documents from URLs, email aliases, copy texts, and so on. These all point to the fact that we can customize it as you prefer.


Easily prioritize the documents as you prefer. This aids the business in having better internal communications.


The feature of the bot is also available in the document management system. It will make you know all the happenings in real-time through various alerts and notifications.


You can download, share, lock, archive, and add tags to the document. Also, we can do some actions like depreciate, ask for validation, validate, and so on.


In-browser view of the documents. 


 Managing different documents under different workspaces.

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Document management can save you time and money. It provides document security, access control, centralized storage, audit trails, and streamlined search and retrieval.

Know how efficiently our team can help you to manage your documents.