Introducing All-in-one Delivery Management Platform!

An ERP system for E-Commerce Industry that is tailor made to optimize your business operations, with the capability to integrate all inter-company and intra-company functions.

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Why choose iDelivery ??
With our fully integrated ERP solution, your business is interactively managed, data and inventory are fully controlled and daily transactions are easily handled, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction.



No Geographical Limitations !!


A physical store is located in a particular place and in most cases the people who live nearby come and visit it . So, one of the benefits of an e-commerce store is that it is not bound by geographical boundaries .

A customer can access the portal from anywhere in the world with the help of an internet connection and a device to operate it. The platform is available 24/7 to all its customers in any part of the world and offers information where it is able to send the products and within how many days.


 & Speed !!

An individual or a company can easily run and manage an online store within few days whereas a physical outlet needs space, commercial leasing procedure as well as ample construction and decoration time for its opening across the globe.

It is possible to change displays and product offerings within minutes in an e-commerce site whereas you need proper planning and ample time and manpower to do so in physical stores, thus making it easier to scale up the business.


Product & Inventory

Keeps track of in-premises and in-stores products, imported and exported products, as well as the products that are being manufactured

Notifications when inventory reaches minimum amount required

Sales & Accounting


Keeps track if your invoices, quotations, e-mails and promotions

Records sales and cutting down all sales and administration expenses and presents profit charts on a customized manner
( monthly, annually, etc. )

Manages your CRM, by creating multiple pipelines

Smooth synchronization with banks; analyzing, recording, managing your transactions


Taking care of your chart of accounts

Financial Statements

Budgeting and cost analysis

Expense, Discounts, and Refunds Management


Organizing and storing customers and clients’ data, for further communication and collaboration

No time wasted as iDELIVERY processes every order synchronously !

Follow-up emails and promotions, in addition to service quality surveys


To deliver an ultimate online shopping experience for your customers!