Training Management System

& E-learning Solutions

Inspire Management Training Centre, Qatar is pleased to introduce an end-to-end fully integrated Training Management System with E-Learning Solution, that facilitate digital transformation of both internal and external operations of your schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

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With our fully customized system; data, controls, layouts and features are easily manipulated to fit the needs and requirements.

The centralized system lets you keep all information about all operation including students, staffs, courses, batches, exams, LMS, attendance, financials, admissions, enrollments and many more, all at one place.

The Drag and drop interface of our website builder lets you create awesome webpages in just few clicks.  


Main Features of  iCADEMY

& Business

& Licenses


& Staff

Integrated ERP 

iCADEMY is an integrated fully customizable ERP system, with comprehensive
functionalities for complete over-all management of both your academic as well as business operations.

The Training Management System streamlines and optimizes all the back-office activities for your organization, including resource management, scheduling, logistics, instructor engagement, team collaboration, cost tracking, budgeting, sales, and reporting. 

Inbuilt LMS

The inbuilt LMS facilitates responsive content uploading and allows you to build Engaging E-learning courses with different types of contents such as web pages, documents, videos and presentations.

The powerful Learning Platform lets you manage and track certificates and licenses for students/trainers more efficiently

Manage, Learn & Track
 ..  on the GO !!

Create, Manage, Control, Edit and track everything in a click of a button, and link your devices in sync ! .