A fleet management system to assist you in automating fleet operations  and maintaining the efficiency of your vehicles and other equipment.

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  •  Real-time viewing of the entire fleet on a   single   screen.

  •  Vehicle status, readily available.

  •  Driver and vehicle safety and reliability.

  •  Improved fuel efficiency, minimized fuel   fraud.

  •  Improved lifespan for vehicles and   equipment.

  •  More accurate reporting of driver actions, job   schedules, and vehicle performance.

  •  Reduced maintenance and labor costs.

  •  Tax deduction and insurance benefits.

  •  Improved capacity, more growth.

  •  Driver satisfaction and retention.

  •  Better customer service, happier customers.



Lease Management

Watch both local and international fleets from one location.   For leasing terms, work with individual or combined invoices. Using a lease calculator can ensure accurate lease bids and prices.

Rental Management

  Flexible Billing Options. Reservation and Bookings. Real-time Overview for easy scheduling.  Re-Rent Management. Integrated with inbuilt CRM.

Limousine Management

Design, implement, and adjust  your pricing strategy to maximize revenue. Manage discounts and coupons. 

Fleet Repair & Maintenance

Create fleet/car repair orders, service details and diagnosis. Manage fleet/car repair work order (start, pending, resume ,cancel). Assign fleet/car diagnosis to technician and create job orders.

Fuel Management

Record every refill for each car to  monitor fuel consumption.  Understand cost per mile for every  asset.  Reduce fuel theft.  Pull in transactions automatically from fuel cards.

Traffic Violation Management

Intersection Violation, Illegal Parking, and Speeding Management are all covered by the full violation management solutions provided by iFLEETS. 

Purchase Management

Easily manage suppliers & purchase orders.    Improve your purchase and inventory performance with procurement rules depending on stock levels, logistic rules, sales orders, forecast, etc.


Operation & Logistics

Tracking the movement of fleets.  Halt the use of fleets by unauthorized parties.  Alerts for insurance and vehicle maintenance.  Validation using Maker and Checker. Information and Control.

CRM/Salesforce Integration

 I ntegrate with Salesforce CRM to sync customers, products, sale orders, quotes, leads, contacts, opportunities, tasks and events


Financial Accounting

Get your bank statements synced with your bank automatically, or import files.   Automatically create invoices from sales orders, delivery orders or base them on time and material.

Integrate HRMS

Powerful Employee Portal.  Employee Self-Service: Request a leave of absence, report expenses, and get pay stubs  . Self Service Employee Portal. HR Analytics,  Cloud based, anywhere accessibility.


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