An ideal solution for Modern organisation to centralise and manage procurement processes such as issuing and approving buy requests, gathering and analysing quotes, and issuing purchase orders.



iPROCURE,a business management tool ensures that everyone involved is aware of their responsibilities and when they should be completed. Automatic notifications serve as a reminder of upcoming deadlines and aid in the prevention of task overruns. The entire process can be tracked, which is a key aspect for businesses that operate in accordance with quality management standards.



Unified, all-in-one platform


Whether at a desk or on a business trip, information concerning order requests, approvals, and order progress remains the same. Everybody is staring at the same thing.

Data just needs to be entered into the system once, and it is continuously updated. This is a significant time saver that reduces inconsistencies and increases understanding.

Effective and efficient procurement process


A well defined procurement workflow maximizes your warehouse efficiency in delivery of quality good and services which in turn helps in product innovation, supplier risk mitigation and increased supply chain resiliency. With automated replenishment rules and advanced inventory routes, automate RFQs and make your procurement process more efficient than every before. 

Total Traceability 


Barcode enabled, double entry inventory system allows you to track every move of the product from Purchase to Warehouse location to Sales Order.

Clear and Comprehensive Reporting


Stay upto date with key information and make smarter decisions with real time data insights, dynamic reports and personalized dashboard.